At Grace Blue, we hold ourselves accountable for identifying, representing, and advocating for talent who will bring unique and diverse perspectives to an organization. We do this, not by simply stating our intent, but by:

  • Committing that each and every shortlist presented to a client includes multiple diverse candidates and ensuring every search, start to finish, reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and quality.
  • Rejecting a global, one size fits all or superficial definition of diversity in favor of one that takes into account acquired and inherent factors that are specific to the cultural nuances and unique challenges our clients face
  • Challenging functional bias and the human tendency to recruit in our own image. We hold ourselves accountable by training our people on how to avoid bias, participating at the board level in industry organizations that promote diversity and inclusion, and incorporating data in our research and vetting process that also helps to minimize bias
  • Advocating for pay equity and increasing the transparency around pay gaps by counseling and educating both clients and candidates on competitive and appropriate compensation ranges within the industry
  • Building communities of people with underrepresented points of view by leveraging our network and relationships across organizations to connect them
  • Choosing to only work with clients who believe in the value of diverse talent and foster an inclusive culture

Grace Blue’s commitment to diversity is practiced internally and externally, as 50% of Grace Blue’s Global Board of Directors and 75% of our global Partners are women.