Business Search

We help clients de-risk the M&A process and increase the odds of successful partnerships by focusing on the people at the core of the transaction. This ensures that any potential partner is in it for the right reasons, the long haul and is a strong cultural and behavioural fit.

Our Offering

Unlike others in our space, we take a more strategic, research-driven approach to M&A in order to identify, evaluate and proactively engage with the best potential partners in the market – not just those known actively to be “for sale”.  Our offering is further enhanced by our partnership with consultants SI Partners.


Full business partnership search

Market and landscape mapping

People due diligence

Integration strategy

Talent assessment and future-proofing

Our Approach

Grace Blue Acquisition leverages the reach, rigour and contacts of a global headhunting firm to identify, evaluate and engage the best potential – not just best available – prospects for partnership and acquisition.


With offices in New York, London, Singapore and Shanghai, we are well positioned to manage client needs in every key region.


Our single-minded focus on media, marketing and creative communications gives us an instinctive understanding of the changes across these sectors and the growth opportunities that are created as a result.


Unlike others in the space, we go beyond engaging only those known to be “for sale”, identifying and evaluating every prospect within any given sector to identify the best potential fit.


Our senior team all have direct experience building teams and scaling operations in agency environments, which enables us to bring a unique combination of empathy and insight to the process.


We are passionate about what we do, and proud of how we do it. Our goal is to introduce clients to the best potential fits, not the biggest. And to ensure everyone they meet is not only interested in a potential partnership, but excited about it.

Our Team

We have all worked in the business, many of us at the most senior levels. This creates a unique combination of strategic understanding, empathy and authority, allowing us to become true partners to our clients.

Our Team


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